“My Kind-a Dad” is a stage play story written from ferocious a perspective of a young boy who admires his friends’ dad and dreams of one day having the same relationship with his dad.  While fathers of yesterday defer differently from fathers of today, this story unfolds the many pitfalls our young men have fallen prey to and have become victims of the demons that haunts them from within.


The story centers around two families but has many twist and turns.  You’ll laugh & sometimes you might even cry.  You’ll walk away seeing your father through another pair of eyes perhaps never seen before.  Have you ever heard the term “dead beat”?  What about the dad you’ve labeled “dead beat” that loves his children but was never taught how to be a father?  What about the dad who was taught that giving their children all they wanted and forgot what they really needed?


How does one label or really define a dad?  MY KIND-A-DAD shows the heartwarming relationship shared between a father & his children.  The KIND-A-DAD that takes time out of his schedule and plays ball with his son.  The KINDA DAD that takes time to show his little girl that she’s just as important, priceless and precious.  The KIND A DAD who’s not afraid to show his fears yet exhibit strength.


Now we know every little girl either dreams of their dad being their hero and every son thinks of their dad a being “The Man”.  My KIND-A Dad takes you on a journey of the good, bad, ups & downs, and heroic challenges of being a Dad.  Sometimes we fail to appreciate our DAD’S, when was the last time you took time to appreciate your DAD?  When was the last time you laid the cards on the table & ask for another chance?  “MY KIND-A DAD will leave you breathless!  MY KIND-A DAD will help restore, & strengthen relationships needed in our world today.





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